Friday, 31 October 2008


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Departing GERACI SICULO with it's "premier class" free hotel accommodation (previous post) we now showcase tranquillo BIVIO COMUNELLO an oft re-visited homely spot 3 miles east of GANGI. In recent years it has become a little less accessible with extra fencing introduced but earlier visits there were extremely homely. Set in beautiful countryside it was a staging point for destinations such as St Mauro Castelverde, Mistretta and locations even further afield namely Nicosia, Cerami, Capizzi, Troina, Cesaro. With open accessible drinkable water and local herds of visiting sheep and/or goats BIVIO COMUNELLO had additional attractions. There were small trees to take shelter beneath from the blazing sun and upon which socks freshly washed could be hung. About 2 miles away towards St Mauro a small road viaduct came in very useful for overnights or if the weather deteriorated and Giovanni Napoli’s small peaceful accessible woodland lay a mile or two (albeit up-hill) further on along towards MISTRETTA.
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