Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Ah GIOVANNI NAPOLI's small wood (top photo) located along the GANGI > BIVIO COMUNELLO > MISTRETTA road (for an indexed locations map click >here<) lies at about 3 hours walk beyond Gangi - with a rest at BIVIO COMUNELLO (>here<).
It is a very peaceful beautiful spot as the photographs attest to. In one foto 2 of Giovanni's dogs are shown taking their ease. One very strange doggy habit - they had the habit of hunting down and devouring human faecies and so desperate measures were resorted to to bury them securely.
I spent a number of beautifully peaceful summer days and nights holed up here en route to further afield destinations. Future posts to this blog story will further spotlight this location. Giovanni Napoli had a home in GANGI and was reasonably at ease and hospitable about my stop-overs at this location.
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