Monday, 6 April 2009


I squatted to answer the call of nature
in the brilliant Sicilian summer sun
with unspoilt truly beauteous countryside all around.
Moorlands, mountains, great oak forests.
The tranquil, hallowed, birdwatcher’s
Lake of Cesaro just nearby –
of course the birds are watchers too!
Etna smoking away in the far distance.
Butterflies, insects, wild flowers and
great fields of purple thistles,
in their thousands. Bella Nebrodi.
Bella Sicilia.

A butterfly spotted a small bright red patch
sewn onto my leaf-green coloured rucksack and landed.
He or she has made a gentle mistake
but I am heartened by this curious mishap.
Within seconds of my act of nature
being begun, as though from every clime,
flies have come buzzing in.

I am open minded. I am reminded.
I am moved in my emotions, pleased to reflect,
to respect the fact that nature can be so raw,
can be such an astonishing, powerful potent force
even in its unattractive aspects.

Modern city life is designed
to remove us from raw nature.
Is there Godliness in all natural things?
Where does God’s wisdom lie in this?
But Sicily isn’t the Moon.
For if this were the Moon
and one single fly came by
this would be a “World Exclusive”
the scoop of a lifetime

fit for every front page and TV screen
and I’d be rich in other ways.
When I get to the Moon
the first thing I’ll do
is answer nature’s call
and keep my fingers crossed.

I.C. (1994).
Top 3 foto's are of Nebrodi Park signage - the first is modern day (so to speak) while the handwriten one's were mid 1980's. The modern sign links in passing with the Madonie Park too.
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