Sunday, 2 November 2008


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At just 5 minutes walk from GERACI SICULO’s Bivio S. Giuseppe (>>see<<) we have a CONAD supermarket car park. From an exceptionally scenic point of view it certainly compares extremely favourably with London supermarket car park phenomina. Situated on the CONTRADA SAN ANTONIO mountain-side it provides a fabulously peaceful summertime vantage point from which to rest up, day dream and take in the beautiful landscaped countryside. Exit CONAD with a refreshment or two and sit relax and enjoy. With binoculars you can trace the distant peaceful lower road (SP 60) from BIVIO COMUNELLO (>>see<<) to where it eventually intersects at BIVIO CALABRO from where the options are to continue seawards (SP 60) or make the winding viaducted climb up (SP 52) to ST MAURO CASTELVERDE.
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