Thursday, 12 July 2012


The ultra disgusting Public Toilets of Petralia SottanaHERE - stand and stink in stark contrast to PETRALIA's extremely heartening main street (CORSO P. AGLIATA) shop at No. 39!

The shop proprietor is GIUSEPPE INGUAGGIATO and this outlet easily deserves PETRALIA SOTTANA's "TOP SHOP” award – if one were to be awarded – for its fantastically heartening array of displayed hardware, tools and working implements and very very many other ultra useful items. 

Nowadays you would never find such an amazing hardware shop outlet in the London area. Like Madonnuzza is becoming LONDON has already deteriorated into a EUROSPIN style supermarket desert and heartening hardware outlets are almost no more. This PETRALIA SOTTANA outlet in addition to its immense display of objects also has available at least 2 catalogues from which additional choices can be made.

The above images do not at all adequately convey how amazing No.39 Agliata is – apologies for this. If you visit Petralia Sottana don’t miss an opportunity to browse No. 39 for yourself. No superficial tourist trinklets trivia outlet this one - that’s for sure.

Any visitor to PETRALIA SOTTANA shouldn’t neglect to visit and peruse this very very fine hardware outlet. 

Bravo No. 39 Corso P Agliata!

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