Friday, 15 February 2013


It was June summertime SICILY 2004. And as sometimes happens (although relatively rarely) the rain was really lashing down. It was absolutely torrential rain. And for the first time ever in my life I'd seen some wayside white poppies from aboard a coach the day before.

So next day I went back on foot. I found the spot OK as I knew the road (Strada Statale117) and had made a mental note of it.  Before I quite reached the location to make matters even more traumatic a patrolling countryside CARABINIERI vehicle's custodians (probably bored out of their cocky peaked caps) decided to stop me thereabouts in the absolutely teeming rain to check my I.D. etc.,  I was very very far from endeared as I stood there getting absolutely soaked to the skin. Anyway I disappointed them and proved not to be the biggest criminal since THE GODFATHER!  For my satirical take on the Italian CRABINIERIE click HERE. 

Anyway I eventually got on my way again and took shelter for a while. And then walked on and hey presto I came upon the only WHITE POPPIES I have ever seen - as shown below.

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They were along the NICOSIA road northwards en route to BIVIO CAPIZZI and CESARO or MISTRETTA. On the left hand side of the road about a kilometer or so beyond NICOSIA's CEMETARY. Over the years betwixt the MADONIE and NEBRODI mountains I had trudged this road backwards and forwards a few times - nice countryside. And several times I had holed up for BED AND BREAKFAST at LA VIGNETTA MOTEL at Porte Portelle - usually I stopped therein when well into my annual holiday and when in dire need of a good wash and the luxury of a civilized bed for a night or two.

Along this road - there was also an old CAVE I had discovered and I had also stayed therein overnight a few times - when the weather was unsettled and rainy wet. My next blog spot will feature my "CAVE MAN" stopovers. In fact I got to know and remember certain passing small locations along the various roads so that when the weather was unsettled I'd head thereto to take shelter until the weather had re-settled.  More in passing about these locations in my CAVE MAN blog spot - HERE.

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