Tuesday, 3 August 2010


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Of course among religious communities both in Sicily and the UK one encounters notions suggesting that after we die our spirits ascend to heaven etcetera etcetera - in Petralia Sottana such notions are widely disseminated especially during the summer season when religious festivals abound.
Being an unbeliever other musings quietly predominate and during the early hours of 17th September 2009 I suddenly awoke and penned the above - it pleased and amused me greatly so much so that once I'd jotted it down I got up and made a cup of tea to celebrate its creation.
When I die there will certainly be over time a MAGGOT OLYMPICS - the worms and maggots will perform their natural life-after-death chores. We may not much admire their activities but its part of raw nature just like innocent flies had quickly descended on newly laid human faeces at the beautiful Nebrodi BIVIERE DI CESARO parkland in 1994 as described in my earlier blogged poem SICILY ISN'T THE MOON.

(Up-date - HERE - is something extremely relevant - just published on 16 May 2011).

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