Saturday, 16 November 2013


Now suddenly encountering this well off the beaten track parked up HARLEY DAVIDSON was a real surprise.  Of course it might still be parked-up but in significantly reduced MAGGOT format. I didn't try but felt sure in 1995 that this model could NOT be KICK STARTED.  Shame that!

I subsequently passed the HARLEY park-up spot over subsequent years passing to and fro between FLORESTA (HERE), the very lovely MONTE MALLARO "DESERTED COTTAGE" (HERE) and the unforgettable BOSCO MANGALAVITTI (HERE).

Maybe the owner was a HELLS ANGEL and of course with "respect" all power in his direction. I don''t think that the owner was the 1990 NEBRODI "TOTTENHAM" football supporter (HERE) or any of the very welcoming hospitable (1994) summer time PORTELLA FEMMINA MORTA "CARBON CAMP" burners (HERE). 

Left CLICK once on the above image 
and then and you'll be able to inspect the machine much more closely.  
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