Monday, 24 May 2010


POSTSCRIPT ITEM - a trap of sorts found in 1995 amongst the debris of the 1994 encampment - see details below - this trap now labours under 15 plus years of London dust. On its rear end wall just visible through the wiring there is an illustration of a large spider and the SANTA CLAUSE laid inside was a 1995 addition found elsewhere during my MADONIE and NEBRODI walking excursions that year. It was a proper primed if somewhat small trap contraption.

Nebrodi Woodland 1994 Carbon Burners Encampment remains in July 1995.

Another July 1995 shot of the 1994 encampment.

One of the encampment structures under construction in June 1994.

Two of the fellow Carbonai Group.

The same two Carbonai jovially toasting their joint efforts.

Taking a break for a glass of vino!

Ongoing Carbon fire preparations.

Products of the Carbonai Group Labours - shot 1.

Products of the Carbonai Group Labour -shot 2.

Products of the Carbonai Group Labours - shot 3.

Showing me the ropes!

Getting things together - another shot.

Carbon fireside scene.

Further Carbon work in progress.

Sat resting in one of their newly built shelters.

Shot of the Nebrodi Woodlands Carbonai Group
who made me so very very welcome.
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In the 3rd week of June 1994 I took a Sicilian 2 weeks Parco dei Nebrodi and Parco delle Madonie excursion and after arriving by air at Catania then took a mid-day coach that travelled via CESARO so as to be able to drop me at PORTELLA FEMMINA MORTA. From there I struck out on foot as I had done in earlier years towards LAGO MAULAZZO and LAGO BIVIERE DI CESARO. Not very far down the winding inviting peaceful roadway towards the above destinations (and before the MONTE SORO bivio) in woodlands to the right hand side were folk who to my recollection were from (relatively nearby) SAN FRATELLO and SAN AGATA di MILITELLO - all these named places can be found on the NEBRODI locations map linked at the bottom of this page. These folk had just about begun to establish their above temporary CARBON production encampment. Basically as I understood things they'd chosen a section of the woodlands where they'd prune the trees, build fires and accomodation shelters (as above) and produce Carbon. Apparently the work that these Sicilian CARBONAI do is "CARBONAIO". They were a truly unexpected novelty for me and maybe hailing from the UK solo I was for them too. Certainly they made me very very welcome indeed and gave me food - pasta, meat, fruit and wine. It remains one of my very memorable encounters.
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