Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Yet again bella LAGO BIVIERE DEI CESARO raises its lovely blogspot head for this short historical SICILY ABLAZE 1990’s excursion. Here is a link for an earlier SICILY ABLAZE brief BIVIERE blogspot.

In June 1994 I passed thro’ the NEBRODI and stopped off and slept near the LAGO BIVIERE – in the mid Nineties the beautiful flamenco tree you see photographed above stood dancing in the summer sunshine – alas this "flamenco beauty" is no more having sadly perished in the wintery stormy weather.

In 1994 as per previous excursions my backpack tended to get heavy with small accumulations and so on passing by the LAGO BIVIERE early-on during 1994’s trip (and intending to re-pass that way again later during the 3 week trip) I off-loaded and buried some food items under a stoney patch fairly local to the BIVIERE.
Alas the BIVIERIE “re-visit” did not materialise during that year’s excursion. However it sure did the following summer, in early August1995. So I also re-visited the actual “buried treasure” spot. The photographs above are shots of the foodstuff items exactly as they were 1 year later after being un-earthed.

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