Tuesday, 30 June 2009

"ON "H" IN SICILY" - a poem.

July 17. Nicosia - central Sicily.
Confession time!
I've been on "H" for nearly a month now.
There have been ups and downs.

Some peculiar “side effects” too.
I was warned about that.
It’s summer, and I might add
a typical scorcher.
It started in Rome
(right from day one).
I was about a week on "H" there.
And I definitely wasn't the only one.
One of the “side effects”
unless I'm hallucinating
is that my arms, legs and face
have all changed colour!
My “cooked” judgement is that
this “side effect” will continue.
Oh, and I've started losing weight -
a very sure sign of being on "H".
When I've been "very high"
(a local Sicilian expression is "sopra Capizzi")
hoping to chill out
I've been using "G" too.
No point in keeping it secret.
I've tried "Coke" too.
Coke is OK but basically the bottom line is
"H" is better, it’s the real business.
I'm hooked - hook, line and sinker
hooked good and proper.
No getting way from that.
Don't get me wrong
I don't want to get away from it!
I don't hold the Italian or Sicilian
“mafia” responsible
for my being on "H" or "G" or "Coke".
The curious truth is that
even though I'm NOT a victim
I am kinda hoist by my very own petard.
Nobody “pushed” this situation in my face,
there were no “peer pressures”.
I decided for myself what I wanted,
when I wanted, and in what amounts,
and at whatever cost
I was going to have it!
A nice long “H”oliday
“G”elato a-plenty
with the occasional COKE
thrown in, just for good measure!
Double dangerous . . . . . oooaaarrrr!


I.C. NICOSIA - 17 JULY 2000.


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