Thursday, 4 August 2011


Three women early on Sunday 3rd July sweeping the main streets. There is a prison dead central in Mistretta - one wonders if this was an assignment. Anyway a surprise.
Mistretta rooftops.
Via Anna Salamone - skin flic 1.

Via Salamone - skin flic 2.
Heading eastward beyond the Madonie Mountains, before reaching those of the Nebrodi, we have the township of MISTRETTA just inside Messina Province. It has two highly regarded and very well cared for lovely Public Gardens. I have no idea how USA proselytizing Mormons fare in Italia but two such females in their early twenties button-holed me in one of the Mistretta public gardens - they weren't heavy going so we spoke for a while and they were under no illusion at the end of it that Mormonism for this South London Freethinker was not on the menu. It's remotely possible that in that hot sunshine in my shorts with brown legs they mistook me for Warren Jeffs - be very brave and click HERE to discover why. Shortly before the July 3rd 2011 chance Mormon interlude I'd wandered along a picturesque narrow Mistretta backstreet and lo and behold homesteads almost opposite one another in the same Street had the above displays of contrasting nudity on show. It was Click click take a pic! And then 'twas a hey and a ho and on we go. The Mistretta rooftops shot was taken through the peripheral public garden trees. Mistretta is a nice looking slightly curious town and well worth a visit. It has been featured in this blog before click HERE for details. .------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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