Sunday, 1 August 2010


I arrived in FLORESTA - Sicily's highest altitude commune (1275m) - late in the afternoon of Monday 5 July - after not having visited this location for five years or so. I stayed only an hour or two then set out to make a 2 day walk to re-visit the Nebrodi mountains (via Portella Mitti) from where I continued onwards towards Bosco Mangalavitti.
My primary intention was to re-visit a very quiet pasture I'd not visited for several years where in the immediate vicinity of a deserted delapidated cottage (where I'd holed-up occasionally in previous years) there had always been peacefully grazing beautiful animals.
A blogspot about this latter Monte Mallaro location will follow later.( HERE now).
I reached the said location and then returned to Portella Mitti. Then I walked down to the sea passing Rocca San Marco, Ucria, Sinagra, Ficarra and onwards to Brolo - again a walk that I'd very enjoyably made in previous years.
However the "surprise" at FLORESTA when I'd arrived on 5th July was seeing the above item hung out in the peaceful Nebrodi sun at a local bar where I'd taken light refreshment. The item photographed above is actually in the Scottish CAMERON tartan and so it was an especially heart warming and welcoming sight for me.
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