Tuesday, 24 March 2009


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This short initially scribbled poem "happened" at PORTELLA DAGARA in mid June 2003 in the 18th year of my Sicilian excursions as I legged it across the beautiful Nebrodi Mountains. Poems happen when they happen and this one could have happened at any time. In spirit it was and remains pertinent to both my Nebrodi and Madonie mountain travels.
It transpired that it certainly struck a chord with Madonie folk whose friendship I subsequently made - so much so that popular prominant singers and musicians based in POLIZZI GENEROSA set it to music of their choosing and with further versifications of their making and it was recorded (as above) to also include a reading from yours truly. These folk most particularly were GIOVANNI CANNATELLA and ROBERTO TERRANOVA. GIOVANNI CANNATELLA has performed the song on various occasions and by invitation I too contributed a reading at a POLIZZI GENEROSA town square festivity in the summer of 2008.
I like the poem too but then I confess to being both biased and addicted to magical elastic band landscapes - when I need fruit I expand the landscape and when there is work a plenty to be done the land contracts to pin head proportions. What an decadent idealist I really am.
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