Wednesday, 17 November 2010


(1993 NOTEBOOK insert!)

CROSSING THE NEBRODI "NOTEBOOK" 1990 (plus translation).

CROSSING THE NEBRODI "NOTEBOOK" 1990 - (plus translation).
Back in 1990 there were no good maps to find your way across the lovely NEBRODI MOUNTAINS. I'd tried in the late 1980's to cross eastwards from the west - from PORTELLA FEMMINA MORTA to FLORESTA by way of BIVIERE di CESARO and BOSCO MANGALAVITI but the map I had was not detailed enough, and so the detail that did exist led me astray.
So I tried crossing in the opposite direction. From FLORESTA heading westwards. In the end I made it but I still got lost a few times - beyond a certain point after heading west from FLORESTA. All I'd had to rely on - because the road just ended - was a compass. Trouble with a compass is that it can tell you a direction but sometimes heading in the correct direction proves very very difficult because of the way the land is in the direction you need to travel - sometimes it proved difficult t0 find a route because of obstacles etcetera etcetera so there were diversions and improvisations.
My NOTEBOOKS came in very handy - and above are just a few page examples from my 1990 Notebooks - beneath each page of scrawl and scribble I have recently translated my words etc., and have re-used this information to make an illustrated postcard or two for friends just for amusement.
Some of the above terrain I re-visited again this summer (July 2010) but some of it because of my increasing age now I will sadly not be able to pass along again. Also, there have been a few landslides that make certain very very solitary spots too dangerous to visit again.
In a subsequent blogspot I will shortly feature one very lovely location in the vicinity of MONTE MALLARO - the latter is very much at the centre of the scribbled notes from the above 1990 Notebook pages.
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Martin said...

These are great - travel notes written when you're actually there really convey a sense of the place - hope you get back to some of these places this year!

Ian Cameron aka KILROY WAS-A-HERO said...

Ah nice that someone is appreciative. As for re-visiting well some particular places which I liked aren't on the menu because of landslides and terrain now too dangerous to venture into - including one or spots on this blogspot - and alas ageing has become a prohibitive factor too. Anyway there are still many many lovely walks which all things considered aren't too onerous.