Monday, 3 November 2008


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I wrote a postcard from Sicily (obviously not the above postcard) in late June 1997 to London friends. My message partly read: “am okay – a few lousey blisters but coping. Pretty hard going first few days – the last 9 kilometres up hill all the way. Knackered I was but I still overtook an Ant lugging a full ear of Corn!! Today a sad grass-hopper with no right leg …”.

The above mentioned one-legged grass-hopper was spotted in long luxuriant grasses at SELLA DEL CONTRASTO on the beautiful MISTRETTA / NICOSIA road (top 2 photographs) where I’d stopped under lovely trees to take some rest. I went on to stay 2 nights at LA VIGNETTA motel at Portelle – where at midnight I wrote BISHOP IN THE GRASSESS, photographed as above my VINO ROSSO prize blister, and having drunk wine also wrote “I’M ALL WINED UP!”
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Tomorrow - "Chiropo Di Doo Da" at Bivio Calabro.

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