Monday, 3 November 2008


CLICK on each image individually to ENLARGE detail. With the sun still rising the landscape photo was taken en route to BIVIO CALABRO with distant GERACI SICULO just visible.
Here we re-locate across the wide beautiful valley below Geraci’ Siculo’s Contrada S. Antonio to visit BIVIO CALABRO (mentioned in passing in an earlier post >see< ). Always en route to ST MAURO CASTELVERDE from time to time I passed this way on a number of occasions. There was one particular CALABRO tree that I always liked to re-visit to take the shade and rest up under before making the demanding 6 mile (10 km) climb up to ST MAURO. Sometimes – as on this occasion – I had foot blisters to contend with hence CHIROPO DI DOO DA.
NOTEBOOK (July 1st)
- “….9.40am at Bivio Calabro – a really glorious morning … Geraci Siculo is immediately in view across from (this) bivio … new road sign says 10 km to St. M. …Now a knob of STALE bread, ham, water, new dressings (as necessary) to my tootsies (feet) then ’ey up and on we go – with a very modest Yo Ho Ho (all the way). A really lovely morning tho’. Scrumptious, gorgeous, The Knob and Ham was molto buono”. (I then wrote the verse “Chiropo Di Doo Da” ) and then noted “Depart 10.45am” and added a few more observations:
“You certainly get the impression that the insects sense there is something new about and they’re curious and attracted and want to be around. That spider this morning … also that Shooting Star** – must follow-up back in London”.
**I had just spent 2 days and nights on a hillside between Bivio’s Calabro and Comunello (>see<) at a spot that I’d so much enjoyed briefly visiting the previous year that I had named it “MY SICILIAN BEDROOM”. At the latter location I also wrote “IN LONDON IN LONDON” – about HEAVENS and SHOOTING STARS (>see<). I walked the non-stop up to St Mauro and Noted: “a really nice steady walk up compared to some years. Not any real hassle this time from “Guard Dogs””. (The latter dogs had tended to run out onto the road and bark and fiercely threaten etc.,).
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